Our Firm “Horacio Torcello Architects” has operated as professional company since 1972. During that time, it has developed projects and works of diverse sizes and themes participating actively in national and international concours of architecture, either national and international. For further information, please press here.


    The experience acquired, the applied methodology, and the internal organization of the Technical Equipment of specialists (hipervínculo), Horacio Torcello Architects counts on the necessary capacity to efficiently solve highly complex technical and operative services.


    Furthermore, architect Horacio Torcello, founding partner, is a Member of the Permanent Consultative Commission of the Professional Bar of Architecture and Urbanism of the Argentine Republic (CPAU).


    1967 - 1968
    Town Planning Department, National University of Buenos Aires (UNBA)

    1969 - 1972
    Professional Studies Project

    1972 - 1974
    Torcello-van der Poll Studio

    1975 - 1979
    Egaña-Torcello-van der Poll Studio

    1980 - 1988
    Torcello-van der Poll & Associates Studio

    1989 - 2008
    HT&A Horacio Torcello & Associates

    2009 - 2018
    Horacio Torcello Architects Studio


    Argentine architect, born 23 February 1948

    Registered Member 5602 of the Argentine Professional Advisory

    Committee for Architecture and Town Planning (CPAU)




    Invited lecturer, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) 1986-1990

    Sánchez Gomez-Berdichevsky-Lopatín Department.


    Current Member of the Permanent Consultative Commission of the Argentine Professional Advisory Committee for Architecture and Town Planning (CPAU)


    Agrimensura Ingenieros
    Colvill - Jones, Mediciones Satelitales


    Estudio de Suelos
    Estudio Ing. Mendiguren


    Presentaciones Municipales
    Estudio Arqs. Sesín Dominguez


    Ingeniero Estructuralista
    Estudio Ing. Raúl Stescovich


    Instalaciones Termomecánicas
    Estudio Ing. Carlos Grinberg


    Instalaciones Sanitarias, gas, contraincendio
    Estudio Arq. Jorge Labonia

    Instalaciones Electromecánicas
    Estudio Ing. Mackinlay & Vignaroli


    Ingeniería de detalle - Carpinterías exteriores
    Estudio Gigli - Andrés de Aguirre


    Pliegos PBC y PET - Cómputos y Presupuestos
    Arq. José Víctor Dángelo


    Diseño del Paisaje y Parquización General
    Estudio Arq. Ana Bajcura


    Instalaciones Acústicas
    Estudio Arqs. Ottobre y Ottobre

We are devoted to institutional architecture, of emblematic characteristics by nature.


We aim at the excellence and at offering the greatest efficiency and the optimal technical solution for each particular case, considering the variables and specific needs of each project, responding the challengeof every moment and

place with the poetry of the architecture based on the constructive rigor and the functional effectiveness.


Constructive rigor conditioned by economy and functional effectiveness arising from the understanding of the customs and habits of our clients, recognizing the economic limits and their proper administration.


A team of prestigious specialists in their respective disciplines join us on a permanent basis.

A full list is included in a special section.

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